Head of Service

Kampala, Uganda

Head of Service

We are looking for the best team leader of our service team at Wild Coffee Bar on 7th Street, Industrial Area, Kampala.

Your responsibility will be to make sure our guests have the best experience.

You will be overseeing the rest of the service team, and make sure they are properly trained.

Duties and responsibilities:

- Hire qualified personnel when needed

- Organize and coordinate people and operations 

- Supervise and train staff members

- Check supplies and equipment quantity and quality

- Manage budgets and approve expenditures

- Develop and communicate standard operating procedures

- Establish standards for customer service

- Ensure adherence to relevant legal, health and safety regulations and guidelines

- Keep and update relevant documents and records 

- Create reports for senior management

A winning personality and a love for people is a must.

Please record and upload a video where you introduce yourself and tell us why we should hire you.

Thank you.