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The coffee industry is broken.  
Join our mission to fix it and become a coffee hero.

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Directly from the birthplace of coffee to your mailbox. 

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The best African coffee

We go hunting for the best coffee all over eastern Africa. And only buy from the best farmers.

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The coffee subscription from Africa

Amazing coffee, directly from the farmer to your mailbox.

The coffee you drink can make a difference. One cup at a time.

Wild is not just another coffee brand

We break the coffee industry away from its colonial roots.

When you drink our coffee, you participate in building a coffee industry that benefits the coffee producers on a fundamentally higher level:

We eliminate the middlemen and instead make sure the farmers receive at least 100% above market price for their coffee.

And by creating jobs and development at origin, we address the extreme systemic inequalities in the coffee world.

Wild is the coffee that tastes and does good


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Meet the exact farmer behind your coffee


Directly from the birthplace of coffee


We plant trees to reforest Uganda and remove carbon from the atmosphere

Only the best coffee

We buy directly from the best coffee farmers at the birthplace of coffee.

Like Monsieur Lwaboshi, the winner of the Saveur De Kivu competition in DR Congo 2019.

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"We will be drinking Wild coffee for the rest of our lives. First of all because it's the best coffee, but also because of the story and the great mission."
Solveig Arnesen and Skjalg Molvaer
"The Norwegian Embassy has been a customer of Wild since its start in 2017. We are impressed by Wild's innovative approach to business, exporting excellent Ugandan coffee directly to their customers' mailboxes. We wish Wild the best of luck!"
Susan Eckey
Ambassador, The Norwegian Embassy Kampala


Together, we can change the world of coffee - one cup of coffee at a time.

The coffee industry is broken

We are on a mission to fix it.

From colonial times

The coffee industry was established during colonial times, and is still one of the most striking examples of  systemic global inequality  and unfairness:

Lots of money is made by companies far away from where the coffee is grown. While the coffee producers remain poor.

A better way

We believe a better coffee industry is possible.

By turning the coffee industry on its head and doing the entire value chain where the coffee is grown, we make sure the value remains at origin.

Coffee with higher impact

When coffee is exported the traditional way; as a raw material (green beans), only a small share of the value potential remains at origin.

By doing everything at source, we create economic development and jobs on a completely different level:

The value of roasted coffee is 4 to 5 times higher than green beans. We make sure this value is created and stays at source, supporting the local economy. 

Sounds too good to be true?

It's actually surprisingly simple:

Being based where the coffee is grown and controlling the whole process (no middlemen) makes our    two step model  possible: