Our coffee

We offer two different collections: Supreme and Essential 

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The very best coffee from Africa

From $23.99

  • High end specialty coffee, scoring 85 points and above (Excellent grade), even above 90 points (Outstanding grade).
  • The very best coffee from Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, DR Congo and Uganda
  • Single origin, and usually single farmer
  • Comes with the story and video portrait of the farmer
  • Available as dark or medium/light roast
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Quality Ugandan coffee at a great price

From $13.99

  • Single origin coffee from the diverse coffee regions of Uganda
  • Specialty grade coffee, above 80 points (Very good grade)
  • Only from the best farmers, sourced by us and bought directly from the farmer – no middlemen
  • Available as medium roast
  • Whole beans or filter ground

Both collections offer:

  • Farmers being paid at least 100% above market price

  • No middlemen

  • The entire value chain done at origin, supporting job creation and economic development

  • Freshly roasted coffee, delivered directly to your mailbox

  • Everything included: no extra cost for shipping, taxes etc

  • 100% African coffee, directly from the birthplace of coffee

Quality Material
Worldwide Delivery
Best Prices
Good Services
The Single [Supreme] 400g - Gift 3 Months
79.99 79.99 79.99 USD
The Single [Supreme] 400g - Gift 6 Months
166.99 166.99 166.99 USD
The Single [Supreme] 400g - Gift 12 Months
333.33 333.33 333.33 USD
Dark & Wild [Supreme] 400g - Gift 3 Months
68.99 68.99 68.99 USD
Dark & Wild [Supreme] 400g - Gift 6 Months
136.99 136.99 136.99 USD
The Double Mix [2 x 400g] - Gift 3 Months
129.99 129.99 129.99 USD
The Double Mix [2 x 400g] - Gift 6 Months
259.99 259.99 259.99 USD
The Double Mix [2 x 400g] - Gift 12 Months
519.99 519.99 519.99 USD
The Triple Mix [3 x 400g] - Gift 3 Months
169.99 169.99 169.99 USD
The Triple Mix [3 x 400g] - Gift 6 Months
339.99 339.99 339.99 USD
The Triple Mix [3 x 400g] - Gift 12 Months
679.99 679.99 679.99 USD
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