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Our coffee

Our coffee is sourced directly from farmers all around East African region (Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, DR Congo, Kenya and Ethiopia). This is the "Birthplace of coffee", it means the area where coffee was originally growing into the wild before being exported and planted all over the world.

Yes, all our coffees are Specialty Coffees.

The term ‘Specialty coffee’ is used to refer to coffee that is graded 80 points or above on a 100 point scale, in opposition to Commodity Coffee which define a uniform product that is interchangeable with another coffee of the same type. 

Our coffee are sourced from little farms, where the plants are carefully monitored everyday, the berries hand-picking harvested and carefully selected, processed and roasted at the source. We personally check that they fulfil the requirements.

These are the main varieties of coffee, and you can receive both with our coffee subscription.

Arabica, with bigger cherries and growing at higher altitudes, is usually sweeter with flowery and fruity notes, and it is consider more complex and esteemed, but a good Robusta, usually more strong tasting and with an higher caffeine percentage than Arabica, can be score high points as well.

With our subscription can choose among 100% Arabica (East African or Ugandan), 100% Robusta or a blend of the two.

Our coffee is freshly roasted and delivered within a week after. 

The coffee subscription model allows you to receive the freshest coffee, roasted few days before, instead of drinking a stale coffee that has been waiting in the shelves of the supermarket for months, loosing almost all his aromas. 

Moreover, roasting in Kampala, Uganda, we do the whole production chain at the origin, so we are able to keep the biggest share of the value at the source, where is needed and deserved.

Our coffee is mainly Shade Grown. That means that the coffee plants grow at the shade of rainforest trees or in small farms where they are intercropped with other fruit plants as bananas or passion fruit trees. That method has a positive effect on the quality of the berries and on the environmental impact.

We source from small farmers that use different processing method: mainly natural and washed, but also Red and Yellow Honey processed and Aerobic and Anaerobic Fermented.

We always try to incentive the farmers in testing and keep improving the quality of farming, processing and drying, sharing expertise with them and by paying them a reward of 100% above the market price for their best beans.

Coffee subscription

Both these collection offer only specialty coffee. The main difference are:
1) Scoring: The Supreme Collection is the very best, high end specialty coffee scoring 85 points and above(Excellent grade), even above 90 points(Outstanding grade). The Signature Collection can score from 80 points(Very good grade) and above.
2) Origin: Supreme Collection's coffee can be sourced all around East African Countries, while Supreme are only Uganda-sourced.
3) Choice:  Subscribing to the Supreme Collection you'll receive a different coffee every month, produced by a different Specialty Coffee Farmer. With the Signature Collection you can choose among a 100% Arabica, 100% Robusta and a blend of the two, and you'll receive it monthly.

It is not possible to customise the roasting, but we offer all the available roasting grades: medium-light, medium-dark, dark.

You can choose how to receive your monthly coffee subscription, if already grounded or in beans. Generally we suggest the latter to mantain at best the aroma and taste, but we are available to customise your grinding according to the way you brew your coffee (French press, Moka, Aeropress etc)


We deliver once per month. 

We are based at the source, in Africa, so this is the best way to ensure you to have always fresh coffee, drink within one month from the roasting, and to balance the emission and the cost of the delivery.

We currently deliver to Norway.

You'll receive your monthly coffee subscription directly to your mailbox, all taxes and shipping fees included.

We’ll soon start delivering to Europe, UK and USA.  


Your coffee subscription is completely flexible.
You can update the Collection, the grinding, and the quantities whenever you want. 
Of course if you decide to change your preferences when your box has already left, you'll have to wait the next month.

There is no minimum period, our subscription is  fully flexible.

You can start by subscribing for the first month, than the subscription will automatically renew at the beginning of the next month.

In any case, we encourage always to buy prepaid subscription for longer periods: that will make you save money and help us a lot in our growing!

 You can pay with credit card or Paypal for the monthly coffee subscription.

You can easily cancel your subscription at any time on your account page.

Can you obtain a refund?

You’re receiving the best beans, and we stand behind what we sell. But if you are unhappy with a shipment, for whatever reason, we’ll refund your payment. No need to return the beans you’ve received.


When you subscribe to a Prepaid Subscription you pay in advance for the whole duration of your subscription. You'll have the same benefit as the regular subscription, with the chance of updating your preference whenever and receiving a refund in case of disappointment. Moreover the Prepaid Subscription will make you save money and will help us a lot in our growth.

Yes. When you buy a Prepaid Subscription you have discounts (1 month free for 12 months subscription, 2 months free for 24 months subscription). Moreover, receiving your payment upfront will help us to have the cash flow necessary to bear the cost of growth. Remember: the faster Wild grows, the sooner Coffee Revolution will happen.

We suggest you to choose between The Single (100% Arabica, medium-light roasted, East African Single Origin) and Dark&Wild (blend of 80%Arabica and 20% Robusta, dark roasted, Ugandan Single Origin). You can also have both by choosing the Double Mix.

You can choose between 6,12 or 24 months PrepaidSiption. The longer you subscribe, the more you save and help us in growing faster.

 You’re receiving the best beans, and we stand behind what we sell. But if you are unhappy with your subscription, for whatever reason, and you want to interrupt it, your we’ll refund your payment for the months you didn't use.


Yes we do. Check out our gift subscriptions here(link)

You'll need the full names, address of the gift recipient. 

You can choose between 3, 6, 12 and 24 month gift subscription. The longer you subscribe, the more you save and help us in growing faster

What does it happen when the period I gifted ends?

Once the period you gifted ends, we will ask your friend to continue or stop the subscription. There is no automatic renew for the gift, so you wouldn't be charged of any additional month.

Our Mission

Because the existing coffee value chain that originates from the colonial era is designed to exploit the coffee growing countries (former colonies); most of the profits(value of coffee) remains in the importing countries while a small share returns to the coffee growing countries. 

Usually the coffee is exported at the earlier stage of the processing, when is still green (dried). The following steps, from roasting to retail, will be the most profitable ones, and all those profit (84%) will go to the consuming countries instead of staying where the coffee is produced (who will get only 16%) . Not everything could be done at source, but by adding roasting, packaging and commercial steps, and thanks to the subscription model, we can ensure that around 75% of the value stays at the origin.

Being based at the birthplace of coffee is a fundamental part of our mission: it allows us to guarantee the best quality, personally source the best coffee, and especially to contribute to keeping the lion's share of the coffee at source. in simple terms we are contributing in create jobs and value here, in Africa.

Subscribing to Wild Coffee, you'll be: 

1. Rewarding the farmers with a premium of 100% above the market price

2. Shortening the long chain of middlemen (1 step away from the farmer)

3. Get only the best African coffees, freshly roasted

4. Have full transparency by know who grow and how your coffee is processed.

5. Contributing in having the maximum impact at source 

Lion’s share Certification is thought to rewards companies that make possible value addition at source. In our case, that means that every possible step of the production and value chain is done at origin, in Africa: from growing to processing, from roasting to packaging, with branding, marketing and exporting. Keep the Lion's share at source means to create value and workplace where is needed and deserved. 

The Lion's Share Certification is not an official certification yet. But with your support we would like to see many other companies which share our values to join this Revolution and adopt this certification.

No, we decided not to get a Fairtrade certification.
The main reason is that this certification doesn't fit with our mission: what we are trying to do - change the coffee industry- is way more impactful.
In few words, Fairtrade certification is built on top of the colonial coffee value chain so, even if farmers are paid more, most of the fairtrade premium paid by consumers remains with roasters and retailers in the exporting countries.
Only a small share of the value goes back to the coffee growing countries, so the main problem is still there.
That's something, but is a just partial and unsustainable solution. 
Read more data (blog)

We source mainly from small farms which use shade growing method. That means that they grow coffee inside a forest or by intercropping coffee with other fruit plants, as banana for example. The benefits of shade farming are many: it helps control erosion on steeper grounds with organic matter from litter and pruning, suppress weeds, and requires little or no chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. It is proven that the quality of the cherries from shaded areas is better and the yield is higher, there is less leaf rust, and it helps break the wind and heavy rainfall. Finally no plants are cutted to leave the space to the plantation, on the contrary coffee plants supply the forest with nutrients thanks to the berry that naturally falls from the tree and enrich the rainforest habitat with biodiversity.