Mess-Up Monday #1

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Messing up never ends. More exciting stories will be shared!

Welcome to the first episode of Mess-Up Monday!

Success never comes easy. Each Monday at Wild Coffee Bar in Industrial Area, meet founders and entrepreneurs who open-heartedly share some of the mistakes they have done along the way, and the lessons they have learned.

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Meet the brave founders of our first event, coming to share the wild turns of their career so far:

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Giovanni Okot
Gio & Moh
I’m a self-taught commercial & corporate portrait photographer specialising in headshots, environmental portraiture, architecture, annual report and reportage photography working in Kampala and throughout  Uganda. 
When I'm not creating for my clients, I spend a great deal of time travelling across East Africa camping and drinking coffee.
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Moh Latif
Gio & Moh
I am a Ugandan freelance commercial photographer with a degree in Fine arts with majors in Photography and communication design from Makerere University, Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and fine art 2010.
Professionally, since 2010 my love for adventure, travel and food has made me travel all over East Africa, both on assignment and personal pleasure, documenting the life and beauty the lands have to offer. 
I volunteer with the orthopaedic society of Uganda documenting their pro bono medical camps and surgeries.
I'm a founding member of the Professional Photographers Association of Uganda, a body that focuses on skilling and educating  photographers