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Ooops, it seems you've arrived too late. Don't worry, you can subscribe now, we will send the next delivery in around 4 weeks. .

Ooops, it seems you've arrived too late. Don't worry, you can subscribe now, we will send the next delivery in around 4 weeks.

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The Supreme

The very best coffee from all our origins.

From    $ 0.53    / cup

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Wild coffee bag with a cup of coffee and a french press

Signature Collection

High quality Ugandan coffee. 

From   $ 0.40   / cup

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Our most affordable coffee.

From   $ 0.29    / cup

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Great impact. Great coffee.

Wild is based in Kampala, Uganda, in the middle of coffee paradise. We are surrounded by some of the best coffee origins in the world.

You get great coffee. While helping us create impact at the birthplace of coffee.

East Africa Map

The complete coffee solution

A cappuccino and a bag of Wild coffee with flowers

Great coffee

Directly from the best coffee farmers at the birthplace of coffee.

Smiling African Female Coffee farmer with some coffee cherry

Great impact

Finally a coffee that contributes to reduced global inequality.

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A complete solution

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The coffee industry is broken

Every cup of coffee we consume increases global inequality.

The reason? The main profits are made by companies in the global North, where wealth and income is already high.

Every cup of coffee sold increases their wealth.

The coffee producing countries are among the world's lowest income countries. They earn only a minor share of the value the coffee generates.

We need to turn the coffee industry on its head. 

The Wild difference

How we return far more value to the coffee's source

The Colonial Model

Coffee from the traditional value chain returns only 16% of the value to origin. The profits are made and kept in the consuming countries.

Virtually all coffee on the market follows this model.

As a result, every cup of coffee consumed increases global inequality.

Graphic showing percentage of coffee value at source

The Wild Model

When all the value addition is done at source, a far larger share of the value returns to origin, supporting job creation and economic development.

Finally, coffee can have impact where it's needed the most.

4X more impact.

We believe business can be a force for good

When something isn't working, we shouldn't accept the status quo. We believe we have a responsibility do do something about it.

Coffee is just one of many products based on a trade of raw materials. Where the lion's share of the value of the final product is not enjoyed by the country of origin.

For coffee to benefit the producing countries, value addition has to be done at source.

No more export of raw materials.

Office desk with a mac book and I phone and Wild coffee bag and cappucino

Introducing Lion's Share Certified

Lion's Share Certified  is our conceptual certification for value addition at source.

To be certified, at least 50% of the final price of the coffee has to go to the country of origin.

For coffee without the bitter aftertaste of exploitation.

Let's finally eliminate the colonial structures of the coffee industry.

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Four other benefits of the Wild model

Two african farmers checking dried coffee beans

1. No middlemen

Usually, coffee goes through a long chain of middlemen before  finally reaching the consumer. Not all of them care too much about quality. Nor about the farmers.

Wild buy all our coffee directly from the farmer.

This allows us to have a close relationship with them, where we can focus on improving quality, sustainability and how to make a better livelihood from coffee.

2. 100% farmer premium

As we eliminate the middlemen and their cut of the value, we can instead pay the farmers better. 

Much better.

Wild has a policy of paying our farmers at least 100% above the minimum market price of the last five years. This price floor acts as an insurance against fluctuating coffee prices.

In many cases, we pay even better than this minimum. The higher the quality of the coffee, the better the farmers are paid.

Two African Coffee farmers shaking hands
One African Coffee farmer smiling sitting beside a depulping machine

3. Fully traceable

Get to know your coffee farmer!

All our coffee is full traceable back to the individual farmer. You will know what we paid for the coffee, how much above the market price, how the farmer has benefited from the relationship with Wild - and a whole lot more.

We trace every bean of coffee from farm to cup.

This includes all steps of the value chain. The information we gather makes it possible to issue very detailed impact reports, showing precisely where the money has gone of the exact cup of coffee you are drinking.

4. The freshest coffee on the market

Coffee exported as raw, "green" coffee takes months to reach the destination. It is not unlikely to take up to six months from the time of harvest until it reaches the roastery.

After roasting, it takes additional weeks or months in storage and on shop shelves before it's finally purchased and can be brewed.

Wild coffee is purchased directly after harvest, and takes only a few days to reach our roastery.

After roasting, the coffee is instantly shipped to our customers.

No warehouse. No supermarket shelves.

Only the freshest coffee.

Two African Roasters smiling with bags of wild coffee in the hands

Africa's leading coffee farmers look forward to sharing their coffee with you

Our office subscriptions

Explore our three different collections

The Supreme

Our very best coffee, sourced from all the premium origins of the birthplace of coffee.

From $ 0.53 /cup.

Explore the treasures of the origin with us

Coffee was born growing wild in the forests of the heart of Africa. 

No wonder it's paradise for premium coffee.

We keep exploring all the best coffee origins of Africa, hunting for the most dedicated farmers and the best soils and growing conditions.

The chosen coffees are only available in the Supreme Collection. 

Every month you will receive a new coffee, from a new farmer and a new origin.

Let's start exploring!

Map of east africa

Two different office boxes available

12 x 400g = 4.8 kg / box
10 x 1 kg = 10 kg / box

Signature Collection

Premium Ugandan coffee. Find your favourite among three different variants.

From $ 0.40 /cup.

The best coffees from The Pearl of Africa

In 1908 a young Winston Churchill dubbed Uganda  The Pearl of Africa . We completely agree!

A rising star on the world coffee stage, Uganda has ideal conditions for growing premium coffee: High altitude mountains, volcanic soils, abundant rainfall, and a rich natural environment.

Uniquely, Uganda is able to produce both premium Arabica and Robusta.

We offer three different coffees in our Signature collection. Find your perfect match.

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Choose from three different coffees. All available in two different office boxes, containing 400g or 1 kg coffee bags.

The Pearl

Winston Churchill named Uganda  "The Pearl of Africa" .

The Pearl  is 100% Arabica from all of Uganda's diverse coffee territories. Uganda has several high altitude, mountainous regions with rich soils and tropical climate, all perfectly located at the Equator. 

With this subscription, you will explore the rich variety of Ugandan coffee. Enjoy every month a new coffee from a new farmer.

Busy work desk with cappuccino

Dark & Wild

Dark & Wild  is our dark roast coffee. 

It's a blend of mainly Arabica, with a shot of premium Robusta thrown in for that extra kick and complexity.

100% Ugandan coffee.

Thre coffee bag with roasted coffee beans on a desk

The Kick

A rare coffee on the specialty coffee market: 100% premium Robusta.

Robusta has long had a reputation as an inferior member of the coffee family, but this is now changing. Coffee lovers are starting to discover the qualities of Robusta.

Uganda has one of the best conditions for Robusta in the world.

Robusta has twice as much caffeine as Arabica. That's why we call it  The Kick.

Essential Coffee

Our most affordable coffee. A balanced blend from Ugandan farmers.

From $ 0.29 /cup.

Hand pouring a chemex coffee with two bags of Wild coffee on the background

Simply good coffee

Our Essential coffee is a blend made from select Ugandan coffee farmers. They come from different regions, and use different processing methods.

Together, they make a rich, balanced coffee with a consistent cup flavour.

Medium roast.

Two different office boxes available, containing 400g or 1 kg coffee bags.

Order now to be included in our next shipment.

Ooops, it seems you've arrived too late. Don't worry, you can subscribe now, we will send the next delivery in around 4 weeks.

Ooops, it seems you've arrived too late. Don't worry, you can subscribe now, we will send the next delivery in around 4 weeks.

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