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Meet the coffee that beat Starbucks at COP27


Wild at COP27

There were supposed to be only one coffee available at COP27: Starbucks.

But the organisers of the Food Systems Pavilion wanted a more sustainable coffee. Eventually they managed to get permission to serve Wild instead.

Our coffee got so popular, after only a few days we had to send them a new shipment.

This is the video we showed to the delegates at the conference, as they enjoyed our coffee.

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Our Best Sellers

                                                            The Supreme

                                                            The very best of African coffee.

                                                            Every month you'll receive a new coffee experience, sourced from the best farmers at all our origins.  

                                                            • 100% Arabica
                                                            • Medium / light roast
                                                            • Sourced from all our origins all around East Africa
                                                            • Taste Notes: Changing every month according to the origin

                                                            Wild signature blend

                                                              A rich, balanced blend of premium Ugandan Arabica and Robusta. Particularly well suited for milk based coffee drinks.

                                                            • 8 0% arabica, 20% Robusta
                                                            • D ark roast
                                                            • From the best Ugandan Specialty Coffee Farmers
                                                            • Taste notes: Blueberries, Red Grapes, Apple, Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugars, Sugar Cane
                                                            The Supreme

                                                            Dark & Wild

                                                            OR CHOOSE A MIX


                                                            The Double Mix

                                                            Contains one bag of The Pearl (medium roast) and one bag of Dark & Wild (dark roast) - premium Ugandan coffees from our Signature collection.

                                                            The Pearl: The very best of Uganda. 100% Arabica. Every month a new farmer and origin. Medium roast.

                                                            Dark & Wild: A rich, balanced blend of premium Ugandan Arabica and Robusta. Particularly well suited for milk based coffee drinks. Dark Roast.

                                                            The Double Mix

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                                                            Find answers to some frequently asked questions here. You can also contact us on Whatsapp or Messenger through the pop up on the bottom-right of your window, or write us an email here.

                                                            When you subscribe to a Prepaid Subscription you pay in advance for the whole duration of your subscription. You'll have the same benefit as the regular subscription, with the chance of updating your preference whenever and receiving a refund in case of disappointment. Moreover the Prepaid Subscription will make you save money and will help us a lot in our growth.

                                                            Yes. When you buy a Prepaid Subscription you have discounts (1 month free for 12 months subscription, 2 months free for 24 months subscription). Moreover, receiving your payment upfront will help us to have the cash flow necessary to bear the cost of growth. Remember: the faster Wild grows, the sooner Coffee Revolution will happen.

                                                            We suggest you to choose between The Single (100% Arabica, medium-light roasted, East African Single Origin) and Dark&Wild (blend of 80%Arabica and 20% Robusta, dark roasted, Ugandan Single Origin). You can also have both by choosing the Double Mix.

                                                            You can choose between 6,12 or 24 months PrepaidSiption. The longer you subscribe, the more you save and help us in growing faster.

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