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100% African

Directly from the birthplace of coffee

4X More Impact

Where it's needed the most

Detailed Impact Reports

See the precise impact of your coffee consumption

Only The Best

From the continent's best farmers

Pay for 12 months

Receive a monthly coffee delivery for 13 months

Prepaid coffee subscription

The Kick

This is the coffee for those that feels that ordinary coffee just isn't strong enough: Made from 100% Robusta, which has twice as much caffeine as Arabica. That's why we call it The Kick!

This is actually a rare coffee on the specialty coffee market: 100% premium Robusta.

Robusta has long had a reputation as an inferior member of the coffee family, but this is now changing. Coffee lovers are starting to discover the qualities of Robusta.

Uganda has one of the best conditions for Robusta in the world. We make sure that The Kick is not only powerful, but also flavourful, by sourcing premium beans from quality conscious farmers.

The difference our model makes

The Colonial Model

Coffee from the traditional value chain returns only 16% of the value to origin. The profits are made and kept in the consuming countries.

Virtually all coffee on the market follows this model.

As a result, every cup of coffee consumed increases global inequality.

The Wild Model

When all the value addition is done at source, a far larger share of the value returns to origin, supporting job creation and economic development.

Finally, coffee can have impact where it's needed the most.

4X more impact.

How is this possible?

Because of our simple two step model:


No middlemen


All value addition done at source

No middlemen

Usually, coffee goes through a long chain of middlemen before  finally reaching the consumer. Not all of them care too much about quality. Nor about the farmers.

Wild buys all our coffee directly from the farmer.

This allows us to have a close relationship with them, where we can focus on improving quality, sustainability and how to make a better livelihood from coffee.

No middlemen. Wild buy directly from the farmer, and sell directly to the end consumer.

The consequence:

100% farmer premium

As we eliminate the middlemen and their cut of the sales, we can instead pay the farmers better.

Much better.

Wild has a policy of paying our farmers at least 100% above the minimum market price of the last five years. This price floor acts as an insurance against fluctuating coffee prices.

In many cases, we pay even better than this minimum. The higher the quality of the coffee, the better the farmers are paid.

Step 2. All value addition done at source

The only way to ensure maximum impact for the coffee producing countries is to do all the value addition at source, and export the final product.

No more export of the raw material.

By doing this, jobs that would otherwise not be here can be created. And the increased value of the product will contribute to economic development on a far higher level than selling the raw material only does.

Selling the final product directly to the end consumer creates a lot more jobs.

Certified to benefit the origin

The new model

For coffee to benefit the producing countries, value addition has to be done at source.

No more export of raw materials.

That's why we have launched Lion's Share Certified, the certifiaction for value addition at source.

To be certified, at least 50% of the price the final consumer pays has to go to the country of origin.

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How does the Prepaid subscription work? 


Choose your coffee and quantity
Don't worry about making the right choice.
If you want to try another coffee, just let us know.


No nasty surprises
Everything is included. We take care of shipping and taxes.


Enjoy great coffee every month
Get freshly roasted coffee directly to your mailbox once a month until the end of your prepaid period.

Join the coffee revolution!

Additional Wild benefits

Fully traceable

Get to know your coffee farmer!

All our coffee is full traceable back to the individual farmer. You will know what we paid for the coffee, how much above the market price, how the farmer has benefited from the relationship with Wild - and a whole lot more.

We trace every bean of coffee from farm to cup.

This includes all steps of the value chain. The information we gather makes it possible to issue very detailed impact reports, showing precisely where the money has gone of the exact cup of coffee you are drinking.

The freshest coffee on the market

Coffee exported as raw, "green" coffee takes months to reach the destination. It is not unlikely to take up to six months from the time of harvest until it reaches the roastery.

After roasting, it takes additional weeks or months in storage and on shop shelves before it's finally purchased and can be brewed.

Wild coffee is purchased directly after harvest, and takes only a few days to reach our roastery.

After roasting, the coffee is instantly shipped to our customers.

No warehouse. No supermarket shelves.

Only the freshest coffee.

100% African

Directly from the birthplace of coffee

4X More Impact

Where it's needed the most

Detailed Impact Reports

See the precise impact of your coffee consumption

Only The Best

From the continent's best farmers

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